What happens if the internet decides to stop working on Monday night? Taking Netflix down with it and the television decides to join? Yes! It means that it is time to finally try-out my pasta machine. Well I thought it was. I first had to make an attempt to read an Italian instruction manual on how to put the individual pieces together. After 15 minutes I figured it out and all that stood between me and my plate of home-made pasta was the creation of the dough.


As with all my other attempts in making dough I expected this would be a tricky one too. I have to say that I was wrong about that. Probably the hardest part was the cleaning of the counter afterwards. The pasta itself was de-lic-ious and not trying to brag, but the best pasta I have ever tasted. (of course we already knew why they say its better homemade)

Making pasta was a great way to pass my internet-less time and an amazing ”it is the end of the month dish.”  All you need is some flour and some eggs. I decided to keep it easy and not make filled pasta, but tagliatelle.

Pasta dough
2 servings 

For the pasta
200 grams of all purpose flour
2 eggs

1. Measure your flour.Naamloos I used one egg for every 100 grams of flour.
Create a pile on your kitchen
counter and make a pit in the middle.

(The pictures are screenprints of a video that I attempted to make. So I apologize for the poort quality)

eierrondje (2)

2. Break the eggs in the middle of the pit and scramble with a fork. Do not break the wall, but gradually add the flour to your eggs inside-out.

3. You can start kneading with your hands when the dough starts to get a … texture. Your hands will get sticky, but that makes up for half the fun of the process. Continue kneading for about 10 minutes. The texture will be elastic and smooth. I tested mine by pressing my thumb into it. If it springs back it’s ready.

4. This is the step where you let it rest. Some say 20 minutes, some say 30. I used mine straight away so I skipped this step.
5. Divide your dough into equal pieces. Cover the pieces that you don’t use straight away with a wet towel.
6. Flatten the piece you use with your hands. Set the machine on the widest setting and roll through. Fold it and roll through again. Repeat this a few times.
7. Set the machine on a less wider setting and roll the dough through a few times. Continue to do so while adjusting the setting. Remember: the thinner the dough, the shorter the cooking time.
8. Have a floured baking tray ready to put your finished sheets on. Don’t pile them up. It will start to stick together.
9. Continue executing steps 6-8 until you are out of dough.
10. Now you can do whatever you want with it. I made simple tagliatelle so I used the cutter piece of my machine to get beautiful stripes of pasta. I only had to cook it for 2 minutes, because I continued to roll until the thinnest setting. Don’f forget to have a boiling pan with salted water ready.

I guarantee it will be the best pasta you have ever tasted. It has a beautiful soft, silky texture. You simply can’t stop eating it. It takes a little bit more time and effort, but it is totally worth it.

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