No breakfast beats Sunday breakfast. The only morning that I do not mind spending some extra time in the kitchen to create something delicious to start my day. It is also the perfect day to surpise my boyfriend with breakfast in bed. 

I have three all time favourite breakfasts:

  1. Full irish. It is one of the things I look forward to the most when we are flying back to Dublin. Too bad I still did not find a place in The Netherlands where I can get those delicious pork sausages. 
  2. French toast. The best one I ever had was made by a chef that I worked the breakfast shift with during my internship. I have tried to imitate it ever since, but so far with no luck. 
  3. American pancakes. Preferably with blueberries and a good bit of maple syrup. 

My Sunday morning has a perfect start when I eat one of those three. When we got our own apartment in The Netherlands I started to make breakfast pancakes more often. Before that I always considered them as a dinner item. Instead of getting the packets where you just have to add milk and shake it, I started making my own batter. Eventhough it is a lot more time consuming, it is also much more satisfying when you finally sit down and start the rest of your day.

Of course I could not skip the oatmeal pancake hype. I first at one at my best friends house who made it with bananas and everything. That looked like too much work for me in the morning, so I skipped those when I started my home experiment. (Everytime I make it I forget the recipe and this is the first time I have written it down, finally).

In a lot of recipes that I read, I saw the lactose free, coconut oil versions, but I like to keep things simple so none of those items were on my shopping list. 

In case you would like to try my creation at home, here is the recipe. 

Oatmeal-bacon pancakes

Ingredients: (2 very hungry people)

80 grams of oatmeal
200 ml milk
2 eggs
Drop of maple syrup
As much bacon as your heart desires


1. Put the oats in a food processor and grind them until fine.
2. Put the oats in a bowl with the milk.
3. Split the eggs and add the yolks to the bowl with your oats and milk.
4. Beat the eggwhites. This way your pancakes will get a fluffier texture.
5. Add the eggwhites to the bowl and mix everything together. Unlike with normal pancake batter, you will still have small lumps in your batter due to the oatmeal.
6. Add a tiny bit of maple syrup to sweeten it a bit. You can of course add other spices to the mixture as well.
7. Put some oil in the pan and start baking the pancakes when the oil is really hot. Bake all your pancakes until their golden brown.
8. Cook the bacon when all the batter is gone.
9. Top it up with anything you like or have lying around the house. In my case that was cranberries, hazelnuts and a good bit of maple syrup. 

Plate up, relax and enjoy!

I prefer a large stack of small pancakes rather than the big ones. (Just because I like the looks it better). Skipping the bacon for me on a Sunday morning breakfast is not an option. The topping crispy bacon and a good bit of maple syrup has to be one of the best combinations ever.
A hot cup of coffee or milky tea on the side and my day can officially begin. 

What is your perfect Sunday morning start?