The colder months of the year. It is a time where I like to spent time in the kitchen even more than usual. I take more time to prepare meals and put more thought into the dishes that I make. I suppose that has also to do with the fact that right now it is the warmest place in the house.

This dish that I made earlier this week is right up my winter comfort food street. It is simple, reasonably quick to make (30-45 min) and just a little different than usual.

When I made it, I had the intention of not making it too spicy. To be honest, I am not a huge fan of spicy food and my tolerance level towards spicy food is quite low, but I love playing with the different kinds of spices and expanding my spices collection. However, I got carried away a little bit.

Let me just tell you how to make it.

Chicken in tomato-coconut sauce

Ingredients:(5 people or 4 very hungry people)
900 grams of chicken
200 grams of basmati rice
1 red paprika
200 grams of frozen peas
400ml of coconut milk
400ml (1 tin) of chopped tomatoes
1 red onion
3 cloves of garlic
Cayenne pepper
Paprika powder
Salt & pepper

1. Cut the chicken into slices and the onion into dices. Heat up a pan with and put in the chicken and onion when the oil is hot. Add pepper and salt + crush your garlic cloves (I use a garlic crusher) to the pan.
At the same, boil water for the rice in a kettle.
2. Chop the bell pepper any way you like. I used slices, since that saves time. Add them to the pan with chicken when the chicken is cooked. Poor the boiling water into the pan. Add the rice and cook for about 8 minutes.
3. After the bell peppers have been cooking for a few minutes add the chopped tomatoes and the peas to the pan. (Don’t forget to check your rice and stir)
4. Add the coconut milk to the pan. Important: Don’t forget to shake the tin before you open it. Otherwise you end up with a very watery substance.
5. Drain your rice when it is cooked and let it rest in the pan.
6. Let the tomato-coconut sauce simmer until it thickens.
7. Now the fun begins. Adding your spices. To be honest, I did not keep track of how much of which spice I put in. It involved a lot of tasting and adding and tasting and adding. Everyone has different preferences and I think that the experimenting with spices is what makes it such a nice dish to cook. When you think it’s done, it’ done. So when you’re making it: go crazy!
8. Put your rice in a bowl, pour the chicken and the sauce on top.

Now there is nothing left to do, but to enjoy it!

Oh yeah, it can also be a perfect end-of-the-month budget meal. 

Let me know: what’s your favourite comfort food?