There are some days that I just want no hassle when it comes to cooking (they are very rare but still). On those days I want to cook something simple and quick that does not take a lot of preparation. When I am in such a mood, I have usually been to work and the gym and by the time I sit down with my dinner it will be 21:00 (for me that is quite late). So anything that will need 15 minutes to prep and cook is reasonable for me then. Luckily I became an expert in quick and easy meals when I was living in dorms with 15 other housemates and one induction plate to cook on, since the other one was always broken. It didn’t matter how many times we got it fixed, it continued to break down.

The all time favourites of my roommate and myself (we always cooked together when we could) during this year where pasta with chicken and pesto and rice with scrambled egg and sweet and sour sauce. Of course we could not escape the occassional instant noodles when the exam stress was so high that no one even took the time to go to the shop to get groceries. I have to say that the year living in dorms made me very creative when it came to making up dishes. Me and my roommate would try to turn any kind of leftover into a new dish.

But anyway when we did came up with something to cook we would use our single induction plate, cook the pasta, take it off, quickly cook the veggies and hope that nothing cools to quickly. .

In my own apartment I luckily have a gas stove  on which I can place 5 different pans at the same time. It was like a dream come true when I saw it for the first time haha and it makes cooking so much quicker. For this dish you really only need two, but okay.

Besides it being quick and easy, it is also reasonably cheap, which makes the perfect ‘end of the month meal’ or if you are a student like me a ‘anytime of the month meal’ and of course, very important, it is really tasty.

Oh and if you are ever looking for a tasty savoury hangover dish, this is a winner. A great way to start the new year haha!

Creamy pasta with chorizo and spinach

Ingredients (for 2 to 3 people)
300 grams of pasta (uncooked). I have to say that my all time favourite is penne.
Half a chorizo a 125 grams
150ml of cooking cream
400 grams of mushrooms
1 red bell pepper
200 grams of spinach
Paprika powder
Optional: half a tablespoon of flour.
Optional: Parmesan or Peccorino cheese (grated)

1. For it to be real quick and easy, boil the water in the kettle. At the same time measure your pasta. (I have a small weighing scale that I use to measure pasta, rice, couscous, quinoa, you name it in order to reduce my personal food waste)
2. Put the boiling water in a pan with the pasta and cook for about 8 minutes.
3. Cut the mushroom in quarters, the bell pepper in slices and the chorizo in half circles.
4. Put oil in a pan and when hot, add the mushrooms and the bell pepper. Cook for a few minutes. Then add the chorizo.
5. When all the vegetables have been cooked to your liking add half a tablespoon of flour and add the cooking cream straight after.
6. Reduce until it thickens and add in the thyme and paprika powder until you are satisfied with the flavour.
7. Turn off the heat and if desired add the parmesan or peccorino cheese.
8. Put the spinach leaves (uncooked) in a bowl and add the pasta on top.


Tell me about your favourite quick and easy meal…