As you may or may not have seen on my Instagram account (Bitsnbitez) I am now the proud owner of a Princess juicer. Finally, because I wanted one for ages. I made juices twice before in a food processor and then put it trough a strainer. I can hear you think: ”That must have taken you ages!” and yes it did. But those days are over. Hello making juice in five minutes! So get ready for some juicy recipes on Bits&Bitez.

Personal fact #1: I used to love juice and drink at least a litre of it a day. And no, not the fresh ones you make yourself or even the fresh ones from the supermatket, but the processed ones from the supermarket with way too many sugars in it. (I know, so bad) This was one of the first things to go two years ago when I decided to cut the junk out of my diet, which is one of the best decisions I have ever made, because ever since I feel much more energised, happy, fit and comfortable in my own body.

Personal fact #2: Another thing you do not yet know about me is that I am strongly against food waste. Ever since I covered that topic in a school project more than a year ago, I started to research it more and I now I make sure that I minimise the amount of food wasted in our apartment. Making juices will hopefully will cut down my personal food waste even further.

That juices are a great way to get in your daily vitamines is of course no shocker to any of you. It is a simple and quick way of getting your recommended fruit or veggies a day if you want to. The recipes that I will share on Bits&Bitez will be mainly vegetable juices, since these are lower in sugars. Fruit juices, even the fresh ones, are quite often high in sugars due to the fact that a high quantity of fruits are used to make a single glass or bottle. A quantity that you would not consume if you would eat fruit normally. Another reason for this is that veggies, especially root veggies and cucumber are better base ingredients due to their higher water content.

Carrot apple juice (for one glass)

2 small carrots
1 elstar apple
1 lime

1. Peel the carrot, remove the core from the apple and slice in quarters. Cut the lime in half and squeeze out the juice.

2. Put the carrots and the apple through the juicer. Transfer the juice to a glass, add the lime juice, stir and enjoy.


I just love how simple it is!!

If you have juice suggestions or inspiration, please let me know in the comments.

Love Patricia