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Spicy pork strips in soy sauce

Do you like spicy food? Then look no further I got the dish for you. These spicy pork strips in soy sauce are, well spicy. But don’t worry if you use the right amount of peppers you will be just fine. And if you are a bit stubborn like I am then, well, you will definately know how much to use the next you cook it.


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Just a little different

The colder months of the year. It is a time where I like to spent time in the kitchen even more than usual. I take more time to prepare meals and put more thought into the dishes that I make. I suppose that has also to do with the fact that right now it is the warmest place in the house.

This dish that I made earlier this week is right up my winter comfort food street. It is simple, reasonably quick to make (30-45 min) and just a little different than usual.

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Tastes better from scratch

What happens if the internet decides to stop working on Monday night? Taking Netflix down with it and the television decides to join? Yes! It means that it is time to finally try-out my pasta machine. Well I thought it was. I first had to make an attempt to read an Italian instruction manual on how to put the individual pieces together. After 15 minutes I figured it out and all that stood between me and my plate of home-made pasta was the creation of the dough.


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Stepping into the comfort zone

Tired, hungry and cold. Those three things that went through my head  I was cycling home from work on Thursday fantasising about that greasy portion of chips I was going to order as soon as I was home. When I finally came home I realised I would rather have a big plate of steaming comfort food. Semi-healthy comfort food. Anyway it would be better than greasy chips and without a doubt much tastier too

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