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Vegetable chips: parsnip & carrots 

Who does’nt love chips (or fries)? Tasty, crunchy, soft potato fries with ketchup on the side. Yumm! Super delicious, but unfortunately not very healthy and most definately not part of my clean eating diet. (Not that I never eat chips, I love a side of chips when I order from my favourite burger place)

Of course you have air fryers that make them a healthier option OR you can take some of your favourite veggies, cut them into chips shaped pieces and ta-daa!: your homemade, healthy, vitamin packed and most importantly delicious chips that taste better than the ones you get at the chipper; I promise.

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Beetroot broccoli juice

This beetroot broccoli juice is not only colourful and delicious, but also very healthy. It made entirely of vegetables, since I try to keep my fruit juice intake at a minimum. I used to love pink berry juices (still do), but their sugar content is quite often much higher than those of veggie juices so I decided to make a compromise: pink juice, but a healthier option

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More Veggies #4: Beetroot vegetable pie

When I spotted this Beetroot vegetable pie (plaattaart) in the Allerhande, I knew that this had to be next vegetarian dish. It looked so delicious and simple that I had to try it and oh I am so happy I did. For my readers that do not live in the Netherlands; Allerhande is a monthly magazine from the Albert Heijn (one of the largest supermarkt chains here). I use it as one of my many inspiration sources. This recipe is filled with fresh vegetables (which I all bought on the market), it is very simple and the ingredients used can be easily substituted if you wish, which is something that I did.


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Carrot apple lime juice

As you may or may not have seen on my Instagram account (Bitsnbitez) I am now the proud owner of a Princess juicer. Finally, because I wanted one for ages. I made juices twice before in a food processor and then put it trough a strainer. I can hear you think: ”That must have taken you ages!” and yes it did. But those days are over. Hello making juice in five minutes! So get ready for some juicy recipes on Bits&Bitez.

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